what to expect

lots of questions

I want to get to the "you" of your business and that involves lots of questions. Don’t worry, there is no math involved - I hate math! The CLARITY WORKBOOK has been crafted to be super simple but throughout in order for me to get to the chewy center of what makes your business truly unique. The more detail you are able to provide, the shinier your gold star will be! 


I want you to be completely satisfied with every step of the design process so I ask for your feedback during various stages of your project. Please provide me with timely feedback and I promise to do the same for you. If you send your feedback before 2:00 pm, you are almost guaranteed to get a response back that night or the very next day at the latest. Yes, I love email - ok not really, but I do love my clients!

design honesty

Along with feedback, I will be completely honest with you about your project. I value your opinion but if I think something is not going to work or be beneficial to your business, I will tell you - nicely of course. I ask that you trust my judgment, I really do have your best interests at heart. If your business and website are successful then that reflects well on me so we are in this together!


I am available to you when you have questions or concerns. Although it feels like I work 24/7, I do try and take a break during the evenings and on the weekends. After all, my family starts to revolt if I don’t spend time with them! I honestly don't keep a regular office schedule. I usually work around 6 hours a day but the hours can vary. I do check my email at least twice a day and try and respond within 24 hours. Email is always my preferred method of communication. 

the process!


Once I receive the design questionnaire for your project, I will put my thinking cap on and start researching. This is where I flush out your design, what makes your business unique and how to make it stand out from the competition. 

design it

This is where I take all of my sketches and create a working proof of your design. You will get to see a real live version of your website and we will go through make revisions until we are both satisfied with the final result - or within the allotted number of revisions per project. 


Once you sign off on your project, I will deliver all of your final files via email if necessary. If you have a website project, I will transfer the website to your account and you will be ready to add your products.

launch that bad boy!

No matter what type of design your project includes, you need to create some buzz! Go shout it from the rooftops that you are ready for business!

frequently asked questions

If this is the first time working with a graphic/web designer, let me take a moment to hold your hand - figuratively of course because otherwise that would be weird - and ease your mind a bit. I want you to be comfortable and prepared up front with what is expected from you and what you can expect from me. I try and make the process as fun and exciting as it can be...after all, we are creative people and we love all things fun!


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